Partners with a direct CPC/CPM agreement will receive their invoices for activity on our platforms directly in Pepper Business (for services provided under this agreement).

We'll send a billing notification once a new invoice is available in your account.

Invoices will be produced for each billing cycle where there are either:

  • An active CPC agreement is in place

  • A campaign is booked for ad impressions during the calendar period and the billing account is set (pay via direct invoice)

  • the accrued gross amounts have reached the threshold (100€ or 100£ or 500zł)

If the partnership is terminated while the uninvited balance is still positive, the invoice will be issued at the end of the running billing cycle without any consideration of the Invoice amount.

Invoices will include either the total clicks for the service period or the ad impressions for the service period.

Your reports section provides further information on the breakdown of ad impressions and clickouts achieved during the period for which invoicing has been issued.