Pepper Business provides invoices for all campaigns running on a CPC or CPM basis. You can find invoices under the tab 'Billing' in two separate lists (generated and running invoices), both of these lists are updated on the second of each month.

Generated invoice list

In this list, you can find all invoices. The newest generated invoice is added at the top of the table, in the first row. 

The list includes:

  • Issue Date - This is the date of invoice generation
  • Invoice ID - invoice id given to the invoice during the generation
  • Invoice period - this shows the start date and end date of the invoice issuance billing cycle
  • Billing account
  • Amount - billed amount
  • Actions - a link to download the invoice PDF

You can use the sort button (beside the columns name) to sort the list based on each column in ascending and descending order.

Generated invoice PDF

The invoice PDF includes 5 different groups of information described below.

1. Customer information

This section includes the legal information of the customer:

  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Customer VAT-ID

2. Invoice information

This section includes the legal information of the invoice:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Service period

3. Invoice line items information

For each line item the below information is shown in this section:

  • Pos (row number)
  • Service (CPC/CPM)
  • Count (number of impressions/clickouts)
  • Amount (gross amount of the service usage)
  • Discount (the discount amount)
  • VAT (VAT percentage and amount)
  • Payable amount (net amount of the invoice)

4. Invoice summation information

The last row of the invoice line item shows the summation of the line items information:

  • Total Amount (summation of gross amounts of the service usage)
  • Total Discount (summation of the discount amounts)
  • Total VAT (Summation of VAT amounts)
  • Total Payable amount (Summation of payable amounts)

5. Payment information

This section includes the data about the Pepper Business bank information for the payments:

  • Pepper legal business name
  • Bank name
  • IBAN
  • BIC
  • Currency

Running invoices

In this section, you can find the running invoices. Running invoices are the invoices that are not issued yet. The total balance shows the total amount of the uninvoiced debts. 

if you use the same billing account for different countries you can view the total balance of each country in this section.

If you use the same billing account for different currencies you can view the total balance of each currency in this section.

If you have more than one billing account, all of them are accessible from the billing account list in the running invoice section.

In case you want to review the details of the balances, you can use the "View details" option. In the Detail view, you can find a breakdown of the invoice amount, the invoice period, and the cost source (CPC/CPM)