I can't see the new interface

If you can't see the new user interface or face with "Method not Allowed" error message please reset the cache of your browser. to reset the browser cache please use these short keys:
For Windows users

Ctrl + Shift + F5

For Mac OS users

Command + Shift + R

Vertical Menu and items

We have transitioned the menu bar from a horizontal layout to a vertical one, providing an enhanced experience for users with smaller screen sizes. Additionally, we have updated the menu items to boost discoverability, making it easier for users to navigate and access essential features.


Tab view 

We have streamlined access to the following pages, which were previously accessible through the menu. With these updates, you can now reach these pages with fewer clicks using the new tab system, making navigation more efficient and user-friendly.

Archived deals

The menu item has been removed from the All Deals menu and relocated to a tab within the Deals view, streamlining navigation and providing a more organized layout for users.

Archived promotions

This item has been removed from the filters on the promotions page and relocated to a tab within the promotion view as a pre-filtered list, simplifying navigation and providing a more efficient way to view and manage promotions.

CPC reports

In the previous version, the CPC reports page contained two sections for displaying CPC reports. With the new navigation, each section has been moved to separate tabs, namely "Daily Stats" and "Advanced Daily Stats," for a more organized and streamlined presentation of the data.



We have made improvements to the filter section by adding new filters to the form. These enhancements will help users locate and access the desired data more easily and efficiently. 

Country filter to platform

The most significant update pertains to the country filter. Previously, this filter was located in the header of the pages and separate from other page filters. We have restructured the page's filter layout, and now you can access the country filter alongside other filters in the page's filter section. To enhance readability and clarity, we have also changed the country names to their corresponding Pepper site names.

Other filters

Here you can find the old and new filters that are associated with each page in Pepper Business.