Introduction to the Promotions Feature

Promotions help you expand your reach, allowing more engaged users to see your offers. Once your deal is approved and published on the platform, users can view, comment, and vote on it. Votes help determine users' opinions on deals, with "hot" votes for liked deals and "cold" votes for uninteresting or uncompetitive ones.

When your deal gets hot or super hot votes, you can showcase it to more engaged shoppers using Promotions. This feature lets you display your deal in a static slot on the "hot" listing or "highlights / For you" page, which is the homepage for most users. With complete control over your budget, we deliver impressions based on your preferences.

The Promotions feature is designed for full self-service, providing value to partners in a simple, non-intrusive manner.

How it Works

After sharing an approved deal via Pepper Business, your deal can take one of these paths:

  1. The deal goes live, but users don't react to it.

In this case, promotional opportunities aren't available. Promotions only provide visibility for deals that genuinely interest users, without artificially increasing heat or appearance.

  1. The deal goes live, users like it, and vote it "hot," raising the temperature to Hot degree.

If your deal reaches Hot degree, it's classified as "hot" and displayed on the "hot" pages. This threshold allows you to reach and engage genuine users without compromising the platform's integrity.

  1. The deal goes live, users love it, and vote it even hotter, pushing the temperature to Super Hot degree.

Now, your deal is eligible for promotion on the highlights / For you page, the homepage for most visitors. This increased visibility can lead to phenomenal reach, especially for engaged users actively seeking the best offers. 


Promotions: these are one of the main building blocks of creating an ad campaign in Pepper Business. Along with ads, they represent the details of the sponsored deals that you are promoting within our community.

Promotions contain high-level information about an ad campaign.

The name of a promotion should describe the campaign and the ads you will create and run under this promotion, e.g. BlackFridayCampaign, XYSale. This name will not be visible to our community.

Ad: contains the deal you want to promote. 

This is the actual deal that will be displayed as a sponsored deal to our users. You should also give it a descriptive name, e.g. the name of the product. This name will not be visible to our community.

To get started and run a promotion, check out the Running your first promotion article.