This guide will help you navigate the different sections in Pepper Business where you can view results from your active and completed CPM promotions.

  1. Access the "All promotion" menu option:

    Here, you can find the "Impressions" column, displaying the total impressions delivered by all ads within the promotion.

  2. Click on the Promotion name to view its ads:

    Each row represents an individual ad and shows the progress in delivering impressions relative to the set goal. The "Impressions" column provides the number of impressions delivered so far.

  3. Click on an ad to open its edit screen:
    In the header of the ad's edit screen, you'll find a summary of the delivery status, which offers a quick overview of the ad's performance.

  4. Access the dedicated report for daily stats:
    A dedicated report presents the daily statistics for both delivering and completed ads, allowing you to monitor their performance over time.