Our editors specialize in writing engaging content which our community can trust. In order to make deal content as appealing, authentic, and informative as possible, the following checks are always made as standard:


Market Leading: Our editors make sure that the submitted deal is cheaper than the next best price in the market currently.

Deals on Site: They check for comparable deals already posted or recently posted to determine community response and pricing.

Reviews: They consider the product's general reception and determine whether it's interesting or intriguing to the community.

Seasonal: If the deal is for a seasonal product or service, they ensure it's within the appropriate season, and if so/not, whether the pricing is reflective of that.

Previously Submitted: If the item has been submitted and accepted/denied previously, they check the performance and reasons for the denial.

Price History: They consider the deal's price history, and if it was recently listed at a cheaper price, a higher price is unlikely to be approved.

Merchant: They verify the reliability of the merchant and check for any positive or negative experiences in the past.

Shipping & Returns: They confirm whether the item is shipped from within the country of origin/the European Union and check the terms for returning it, both with or without a specific reason. They also check for taxes that may be incurred by the buyer.