Single Deal vs. Campaign

A "Deal" is a single item or discount which can be submitted by tapping the "Submit Deal" button.

Submitting a "Campaign" allows you to upload a CSV or product list/product catalogue. This option is useful if you're interested in promoting a wider sale, such as a Black Friday promotion, though you should still ensure the products within the sale meet our listing criteria. See "What should be considered before submitting".


What should be considered before submitting:

  • The actual offer price has to be below the price of the cheapest provider (including shipping costs).
  • It is also necessary to check whether the offer/product has already been posted to the platform within the past 28 days - we can't repost deals that are already shown on site and were posted within the last 28 days unless there was a significant price drop. 
  • You should also think about the availability of the offer; is it available now? How long do you expect the stock to last? 


Submitting your deal or campaign:

Select "Submit Deal" or "Submit Campaign" and fill in all fields - it is important that all fields are filled out carefully. The title should be a summary of the deal. Please include all relevant information* in the description.

Once you're finished, tap the orange "submit deal" button at the bottom of the form. An editor will review your submission and get back to you as quickly as possible with the next steps.

*Relevant information helps the editor reviewing your deal to quickly understand what kind of product you're promoting, and where you're promoting it.

  • Country: Please choose the country platform, on which the deal shall be published.
  • Item Number: EAN, ASIN – Item Number of the product
  • Title: Title of the Deal or Campaign
  • Price: Price with all discounts
  • Shipping cost
  • Category
  • Deal URL: Link to the offer
  • Description: All relevant information of the offer - description, quantity, size, connection ports, specification, etc
  • Embargo: When can the deal be posted?
  • Image(s): You have the possibility to upload pictures in the format of JPG, GIF, or PNG.
    Otherwise, you can also provide the direct link to the image (please be aware that linking to scripts is not allowed due to safety risks)
  • Start- / End date: Campaign period


What's the best price?

We recommend you price your deal at or below market standards to avoid rejections or delays in the approval process. By clicking on Find the best price here, you will be redirected to the price comparison based on your selected country for submitting the deal, then you could search for your product by using the product name.


What's the already existing deal?

For submitting a deal, in the first step, please select the country that you want to submit your deal, and enter the deal URL.


The availability of the deal will be checked automatically due to the selected country. 

  • The deal already exists

If the deal already exists, you will see the card showing the deal information, including the Deal title, Product price, and price.

You will be able to submit your deal if you could provide a lower price than the available one. In this case, click on “I have a better price” and complete the form to submit your deal. 

  • It’s a new deal

If the deal isn’t already available in the selected country, you could complete the deal information and submit it.


Which category to choose?

Choosing the correct category is important because the editors dealing with your submission specialize in certain fields; the category helps the correct editor to be assigned to your deal.

The categories available to you are quite broad, but descriptive. It should be simple for you to find the closest one to match the deal you've created.


What sized image is best?

Typically, the deal image is a PNG or JPG file, and the format is square. The ideal size is about 150KB.


What happens next?

Once you've submitted all the necessary information, you can find the deal in the overview tab in Pepper Business. Here you can keep track of all deals and get an overview of the status and the latest updates.

An editor will check your deal; they might ask you for more information or to make an update to your deal, or if they think the deal looks good they'll publish it on the platform. 

Find out more about what the editors check for.

Find out more about how long these checks take


What do the different deal statuses mean besides my deal?

When the offer has been submitted, the editorial team will review it; it remains "Open" during this process.

  • First, they'll determine whether the offer is really a deal or whether important elements are missing. 
  • After this, the status of the deal is changed to “confirmed” or “rejected”.
  • Confirmed means your deal looks good and has been posted to our platform. Rejected means we weren't able to navigate a competitive enough price or find a way to make the product work with our community


Editing your deal after submission:

  • A submitted offer with the status "open" can still be edited.
  • If the status changes to "rejected" or "confirmed", no further changes are possible.


Your deal was published?

If an offer is accepted by the editor, it'll then be posted by them directly and it'll be listed under the "new" section of the deal platform. Users will then start to vote on whether they think the deal is interesting; the best deals will be voted "hot" and will then show under the "hot" section on the deal platform.

Once your deal is hot, you'll have further opportunities to promote it and increase your reach if you wish. 

The editor will provide you with a link to your deal via the overview tab in Pepper Business. 


Your deal was rejected?

No worries, here's what to do next


Archiving your deal

If the deal has been posted or finally declined, you will find all submitted deals in the overview “Deals”. To keep this up-to-date, you are able to archive the deals and view them separately in the deal archive. To do so, you will need to click “Archive” within the specific deal.